The corona date that was an emotional gamechanger

Longread During the winter months of 2020, I thought I had met the love of my life on a corona-times Tinder date. I'll call her Yara. She is of non-Dutch origin, has an intriguing character, and is a good cook and baker. I didn't express my opinions about the latter too strongly, hoping that she would cook more often soon. I also admired her exceptional and progressive intellectual qualities, and especially that she had just embarked on getting her PhD degree. I saw a piece of myself in her. Or at least, the version of myself that others would have described [...]

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A word that crosses my mind rather often is authenticity. When I ask myself what I aspire to be, my first answer is authentic. When I wonder about the secret to true happiness, it is authenticity. I have found, over and over again, that it is an incredibly rich and all-encompassing word, yet it is utterly vague, all at the same time. I would like to explore what authenticity means to me. I want to rip apart its layers, and I know that in the middle, I will find the realisation that will make the ground beneath me shake, and my [...]

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Big ambitions and a social anxiety disorder. Why I will become a CTO one day

LONGREAD I am completely aware that by writing this story, I expose all my vulnerability. But I think this vulnerability is precisely the thing that makes me human. And I should never hide being human. I should never hide for merely being me because I'm me, at work and outside of work. This article is probably way too long and personal for anyone to read, but I need to write this. So here I go. When it all became too much I think I've always been a bit shy or introverted. I strongly focus on how things work, and I am [...]

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