The Gifted! Foundation connects, informs and studies gifted people of all ages and backgrounds, their parents and/or coaches. We do that by means of meetings, an online community, written articles and research into specific aspects of giftedness.

Our core values are Empathy & Trust, Inclusion & Diversity, Integrity & Discretion, and Thoroughness & Scientificity.

We are committed to the dynamic, interactive and critical use of new media to maintain our network and convey information.

We look beyond IQ scores: a gifted person is a highly sensitive individual and sometimes untestable. We approach giftedness as a positive quality, which makes us a driving force in society.

The foundation has been designated a Public Benefit Institution in The Netherlands.


To connect

We connect by encouraging one another, mutually sharing our interests and experiencing our giftedness together in a very active online and offline community with over 12,000 members.

To inform

We inform by making scientific articles available and writing all kinds of experiential and professional contributions, thus helping to dispel prejudices about giftedness.

To examine

We examine where and how intellectually and creatively gifted people have found their place in society, the common paths they have often taken despite their enormous diversity, the individual paths they have chosen, and the bridges they (could) build in our society.


Empathy & Trust

We are dynamic and interactive. This calls for empathy on the part of all concerned, volunteers and participants alike. A secure, confidential environment is the best place to exchange thoughts and ideas on giftedness and life.

Inclusion & Diversity

We do not represent a single group of gifted people; we also represent groups which are often overlooked, such as exceptionally gifted people, gifted people with medical conditions, gifted seniors and twice exceptional (2E) students. Together we form a community with different interests, gender identities, dispositions and cultural backgrounds.

Integrity & Discretion

We do not feed egos, nor do we have ambiguous interests, we are honest and transparent and monitor the security of all our channels. This allows us to work as sustainably and stably as possible towards our mission.

Thoroughness & Scientificity

We take a scientific approach to the information we provide about giftedness and to dispelling prejudices, and do not accept everything unquestioningly.


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