Children and being gifted

Being an adult means taking the child you were by the hand. But what if your childhood is constantly out of sync because you are gifted? Do you have questions at a very young age? About everything? Without stopping? How then, as adults, can you take the child you were by the hand? It was in 2017 (at 53) that I discovered for myself what was wrong with me. All the characteristics were there. I am highly gifted! And how great the joy of recognition was, and as justified as that joy is, there was also anger. The particular feeling that [...]

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The corona date that was an emotional gamechanger

Longread During the winter months of 2020, I thought I had met the love of my life on a corona-times Tinder date. I'll call her Yara. She is of non-Dutch origin, has an intriguing character, and is a good cook and baker. I didn't express my opinions about the latter too strongly, hoping that she would cook more often soon. I also admired her exceptional and progressive intellectual qualities, and especially that she had just embarked on getting her PhD degree. I saw a piece of myself in her. Or at least, the version of myself that others would have described [...]

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A word that crosses my mind rather often is authenticity. When I ask myself what I aspire to be, my first answer is authentic. When I wonder about the secret to true happiness, it is authenticity. I have found, over and over again, that it is an incredibly rich and all-encompassing word, yet it is utterly vague, all at the same time. I would like to explore what authenticity means to me. I want to rip apart its layers, and I know that in the middle, I will find the realisation that will make the ground beneath me shake, and my [...]

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Big ambitions and a social anxiety disorder. Why I will become a CTO one day

LONGREAD I am completely aware that by writing this story, I expose all my vulnerability. But I think this vulnerability is precisely the thing that makes me human. And I should never hide being human. I should never hide for merely being me because I'm me, at work and outside of work. This article is probably way too long and personal for anyone to read, but I need to write this. So here I go. When it all became too much I think I've always been a bit shy or introverted. I strongly focus on how things work, and I am [...]

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Why science matters to you

Why should we look to the past in order to prepare for the future? Because there is nowhere else to look. a quote by science historian James Burke, inscribed on one of the walls of the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden. As an archaeologist, I believe he is right, but this quote and others similar sometimes feel like worn-out clich├ęs. Nobody ever seems to heed the lessons we can clearly learn from the past, from invading Russia while having access to history books telling you it is a very, very bad idea, to climate denial in the face of [...]

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