I want to discover and apply my giftedness


Closed group on Facebook for gifted adults aged 18 and over

Here you can post any range of topics on your mind, as a gifted adult. This group includes adults of all ages, 18 and over, from young adults to seniors. It focuses on you and your own perception of your giftedness!

Would you, as a gifted adult, like to exchange views and ideas on all kinds of things? You may still be exploring ways of understanding and applying your giftedness. Would you like to come into contact with and enjoy talking to similarly gifted people? Then you are very welcome to join.

Our group for gifted adults is open only to those wishing to gain a deeper understanding of their own giftedness i.e. not for coaches or people in any other capacity. Answering the three intake questions when applying for membership is mandatory. This group is not intended for commercial purposes.


I am exceptionally or profoundly gifted

Of all gifted people, around 1 in 15 is exceptionally or profoundly gifted. Often characteristic of exceptional giftedness are intense powers of observation and perception, an unquenchable thirst for new knowledge, the capacity to identify patterns in a larger whole and the ability to subsequently apply them in a different context. Also typical is exceptional abstractive ability, as a result of which thinking out of the box is the norm.

It often proves a tremendous challenge to fit into existing systems, such as education (even full-time gifted education, in many cases) and the business community (especially in larger companies and institutions). The overall development of an exceptionally or profoundly gifted person is totally different and asynchronous at all ages. As a child, given the opportunity, they may follow a highly accelerated education programme, tailored to their specific interests. Very many exceptionally gifted people go on to become entrepreneurs or artists as adults. They go their own way. And that can be lonely.

Being in such a minority can make it difficult to meet similarly gifted people. Although many exceptionally gifted people are also exceptionally good at searching, our sub-community specifically for exceptionally and profoundly gifted people makes finding each other just that little bit easier.


Secret group on Facebook for exceptionally and profoundly gifted adults aged 16 and over

As someone who is exceptionally or profoundly gifted you speak a language that you would like to speak more openly more often. Many exceptionally gifted people are modest and don’t actively demonstrate their giftedness. There is so much more to their difference than IQ scores alone, however. The difference also lies in their powers of observation and perception and their ability to integrate information absorbed through various channels, events and thoughts into appreciable association areas. That is something we should acknowledge. When it comes to science, we are scientific. This group is not intended for commercial purposes.


Secret group on Facebook for highly, exceptionally and profoundly gifted entrepreneurs aged 16 and over

You are highly, exceptionally, or profoundly gifted. You live intensely and are inquisitive. You are creative, critical and think deeply. Your ability to process complex information quickly means you can you apply these skills in a broad context.

That is precisely why you became an entrepreneur. You often feel uncomfortable at networking events for entrepreneurs. There’s something missing. You would like to exchange thoughts on that. You may encounter more complex, personal problems you would like to share. And sometimes you just want to relate your story and share your experiences with other exceptionally gifted entrepreneurs who understand you. This group is not intended for commercial purposes.

The groups for exceptionally gifted people are secret. Membership is subject to assessment of the application form below. This form can be used to apply for membership of the required groups. Please complete the form in full. Please also motivate your application in a letter, describing your subjective experiences as an exceptionally or profoundly gifted person and how you feel you differ from a moderately gifted person, what you hope to contribute to the community and what you hope to learn. >

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