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Gifted 18+

This is a nice group to begin your quest for recognition and exchange of information about giftedness. You can exchange interesting articles worth discussing and situations that concern you as a gifted person. As a group member we expect you to constructively contribute to our community. This is not a place for commercial advertising.

100+ members


Gifted adults, parents of gifted children under 18 and professionals

This is an international marketplace for all free and paid products and services for gifted people. This includes books, coaching, commercial blogs, challenges, and more. All offers should be written in English and accessible for English-speaking people. You can also ask for and recommend certain services. Invite and welcome your international gifted friends!

25+ members


Highly & Exceptionally & Profoundly gifted 16+

You are highly, exceptionally, or profoundly gifted, meaning that you’re living with great intensities and curiosity. You are a highly creative, critical and deep thinker and you are able to apply your skills in a wide context by quickly processing complex information. You speak a certain language and you wish to speak out more often. Maybe you are humble and never show your giftedness, although you may want to. You are different, but you are not alone. Please acknowledge yourself. 

We are the fast and the curious.
To others we may appear elusive or furious.
Here we speak our mind,
If no other place is so kind.

Please answer the three questions with your request to join. You may receive additional questions if answers are short or inconclusive. If you wish to add someone else, please first explain to the moderator. Once your request to join has been approved, please introduce yourself in the group. No advertising please.


Profoundly gifted 13+ and parents of profoundly gifted children

This group welcomes profoundly gifted adults, young adults, and parents of profoundly gifted children. Profoundly gifted people are exceptionally deep thinkers, are able to process and combine complex information following their interests, with a deep fascination for a diverse array of topics, and are living with the highest of intensities in a world that generally does not understand them. As children, but also later on, they may demonstrate asynchronous development and rich inner dialogue. Because profoundly gifted people are so rare, and because they can learn from other profoundly gifted individuals of all ages, this group focuses on adults, young adults, as well as children. Languages within this group are English as well as Dutch.

Access requires prior membership of one of the following groups of the Gifted! Foundation (Stichting Hoogbegaafd!): Uitzonderlijk Hoogbegaafd! Kinderen (free), Uitzonderlijk Hoogbegaafd! Volwassenen (free) or Exceptionally Gifted! Adults (premium), thus having already passed the intake procedure for these groups. Moreover, it requires an additional intake conversation with the profoundly gifted moderator of this group. Alternatively, if you have used services from the Daimon Institute for your child / as a child or young adult, you are eligible to apply and motivate your request. Either way, do not apply just with IQ scores, if you have them at all, because this group supports a trait-based, existential view of profound giftedness, scores may be affected negatively by fear of failure, twice-exceptionality or deliberate underachievement, and no Dutch IQ-test tailored for this population exists.

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