2013: Octopus! The most mysterious creature in the sea

No one understands the octopus. With eight arms, three hearts, camouflaging skin, and a disarmingly sentient look behind its highly evolved eyes, how could it appear anything but utterly alien? Octopuses have been captivating humans for as long as we have been catching them. Many cultures have octopus-centric creation myths, art, and, of [...]

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2012: Marienau. A daughter’s reflections

In 1929, Max and Gertrud Bondy opened the doors to Marienau, a progressive boarding school in rural Germany. After fleeing the Nazis in 1939, their daughter Annemarie and her husband George founded The Roeper School, still thriving today. These are Annemarie's intimate memories of her childhood at Marienau. They render a portrait of [...]

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2009: The faith instinct. How religion evolved and why it endures

The Faith Instinct: How Religion Evolved and Why It Endures is a 2009 book about the evolution of religious behavior by New York Times science reporter Nicholas Wade, in which the author argues that religious behaviours have evolved through natural selection and shares similar evolutionary origins with other forms of collective behaviour in animals, primarily tribal behaviour. Wade argues that religious behaviour, through [...]

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