I carried out an extensive literature study on giftedness and suicide and it has been shared in the group Gifted! Knowledge & Research. This topic requires more attention.

This paper is the result of a literature study in 2015 and 2016 concerning suicide among gifted and the status quo of suicide research. The literature on suicide among the gifted is reviewed in depth, and covers the following topics:

  • The occurrence of suicide among the gifted,
  • An increase in suicidality among the gifted,
  • The background of these gifted,
  • Their attempts and suicide methods,
  • Research methodologies mostly applied to study giftedness and suicidality,
  • Signals of suicidality among the gifted,
  • Possible interventions for suicidal gifted.

What is apparent from my review is that the literature regarding suicide among the gifted comprises little empirically sound research. However, research does indicate that suicide occurs among the gifted population. It is also apparent that suicide is occurring among the gifted at such a rate, that it necessitates future research to have

  • the ability to recognize risks and
  • to deploy the most efficient and effective suicide prevention methods.

Martin Apistola

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