Multi layered complexity.
That would be the simplest summary of what it’s like to be phenomenally mad – my definition for being gifted.
Reluctant to call oneself gifted, on the other hand being a person who is noticeably different in thinking and reacting, often speeding with 3000 km/h through the mind without much consideration of other traffic lanes outside oneself, not to mention misunderstandings and collisions emerged.

Impatience is often interpreted as haughtiness while has nothing to do with being snobbish, for sure there is a thin line between arrogance and just having an pictorial overview of events with a feeling of time wasting inefficiency if the other cannot grasp the summery of what’s going on.
A lot is going on, that’s just the tiny dot and another point is there are a lot of other related points either not mentioning to avoid possible confusions for most people are not skilled in jumping from branch to twig to a sprig and back or perhaps they do but get lost in the verbatim bushes in where miscommunication and misunderstandings stems from.
How I would wish to be a lesser mental monkey and more mundane human being.
Overthinking is another connecting point of being reserved.
It could be protecting oneself from being rejected, slowing down in social traffic (side twig: I dislike communicative traffic jams, without losing focus on the subject I also dissect and analyse the jam), apparently necessary not to override the other.
Welcome in my jungle. We’re jumping back to the original branch although it’s the entire  tree which is just as important.
It may appear knotty or difficult jumping through several subjects in communication, the focus remains while at meantime connecting other points and little twigs to the subject.
The incitements or stimuli  of every (new) experience comes with intense curiosity and more often ends up with over-excitabilities, wanting to dig deeper, know more, getting to the core and so forth.
Every now and then I get lost in everything I want to know, encounter, reflect, acquaint, meet and see, that’s when the unwillingly shut down happens.
From inner highway to minded monkeys to cohesive cake.

Kuih lapis is a multi layered Malay/Indonesian cake, each layer with its own colour and consistency.
That’s probably how to describe being creative clever, or gifted.
A complex multi-layered steamed cake.
Undoubtedly this is a reminder to slow down on the social intersection preventing my own dissolve on the road of life.
After this has been said I’m going to place back those layers in order and arranging is another layer upon the other multi layers of complexity.

© Jenny | Redactie Alice via >>Edit & Evolve<< | Stichting Hoogbegaafd!

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